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    Managed Project Services bring cost-effective, reliable world-class service provision under the umbrella of a comprehensive service level agreement.
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    Software/Management Solutions - Cut the Hidden Costs of Fragmentation Changes come at you fast-driven by global market fluctuations, growth opportunities, competitive threats, new regulations, and technological advances. Read more

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    Your firm may be looking for a very specific skill set or simply need to augment your current technical staff. You may not be sure of your long-term technology needs and don't want to hire full time employees. Whether you need staff augmentation for a month or a year we have the staff to meet your needs. Read more


Staff Augmentation

The demands placed on IT managers force them to be creative in solving staffing problems while dealing with tight budgets for projects. Responsive staffing solutions help them optimize their productivity and cost. Staff augmentation is one tactic that helps them meet fluctuating personnel needs.

iCore can provide consultants with very unique skill sets or we can assist you in adding personnel to your current technical staff. Company technology needs may be in transition and there is no need to hire full time employees. Whether we provide staffing support for a month or a year we have the high quality personnel to meet your needs.

Our Approach
  • iCore consultants have completed certifications in many specialties. They also have completed an extensive background investigation before joining iCore.
  • Our staff will work within any client's professional standards and workplace rules.
  • iCore's whole business is designed around quality software development.
  • Our management team approaches staffing engagements with the same discipline that we use for our own projects.
  • We review objectives, project schedules, deliverables and individual performance. We meet with client management to validate the quality of our consultants' work.

Why iCore?

In a market that is largely driven by word of mouth references, we bring the finest reputations and the best track record for going the extra mile to satisfy each client. We take good care of our employees and they return that in loyalty and hard, quality work on behalf of our company. The combination of experience and good reputation work in favor of iCore Technologies.
-- G. Muthan
We will be accessible to a widely dispersed client base. iCore is a reliable software development and IT resource based in the Des Moines, Iowa area. We offer high-demand IT services that customers throughout Iowa, the U.S. and the world at large, continually need and seek out.
-- D. Cline



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